Buy 3, get 1 free tutoring sessions

Interactive Small Group Tutoring Sessions

2 hours with an expert, ask whatever questions you have, go through a full simulation, etc. The topic is based on the needs of the attendees. You will have video and audio access to talk directly with Barton Bott.

  • Tuesdays, 7-9 pm Eastern
  • Most Sundays, 4-6 pm Eastern
  • Cost: $60 for a 2-hour session


Buy 3 tutoring sessions in the months of April or May, get 1 free! (Buy 6, get 2 free, and so on!) 

How it Works

  1. Register and pay for at least 3 tutoring sessions on our website:
  2. Email Nicole at to request the date for your free tutoring session, and she will send you an invite! 
  3. Please note, you MUST purchase your 3 tutoring sessions and submit your request for your free session no later than April 12th. 


Do I have to buy all 3 tutoring sessions in April to get my 1 free? NO! Buy any 3 tutoring sessions listed in the month of April or May and you will qualify!

Can I wait until the end of April to register for 3 and then get my 1 free session? No, because Nicole will be on vacation. 🙂 You have until April 12th to take advantage of this deal, but your tutoring dates can be any tutoring time listed during April or May.

What if I want to buy 9 tutoring sessions? Then we’ll give you 3 free! Buy 3, get 1 free; buy 6, get 2 free; buy 9, get 3 free, and so on and so forth.

Can you break down the cost for me? Each tutoring session is $60, so here’s the breakdown in cost:

  • Buy 3 tutoring sessions for $180, get 1 free ($60 value)
  • Buy 6 tutoring sessions for $360, get 2 free ($120 value)
  • Buy 9 tutoring sessions for $540, get 3 free ($180 value)

We hope to see you soon! Don’t forget to check out our upcoming workshops. We’re also offering a Bundle Discount for our April 10th 3-hour NCMHCE Prep workshop and our April 17th 6-hour Decision Making workshop.