Group Tutoring

Barton offers group tutoring for those studying for the NCMHCE Exam. Group studying offers several advantages: students get the advantage of learning alongside their colleagues with the added benefits of paying an affordable amount for a 2-hour study session with an expert. Each participant can actively engage with Barton directly and ask questions and request topics they need assistance with.

Interactive Tutoring
  • Each participant can actively engage with Barton directly and ask questions and request topics they need assistance with.
  • Live Closed Captioning in English
  • Tuesday evenings, 7-9 PM Eastern time
  • Thursday evenings, 7-9 PM Eastern time
  • Sunday afternoons, 4-6 PM Eastern time
  • $60 per person for the 2 hour session
    • Please note, Barton’s sessions tend to go longer than 2 hours, so please plan your evening accordingly!

How to Sign up for Tutoring

To sign up on the website for tutoring, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to our events calendar:
    1. If you wish, you can narrow the view to only show the tutoring sessions:
  2. Click on the event you’d like to register for (example, 4/20/21 tutoring:
  3. Click on the “register and pay” button and it will take you to Zoom’s registration page (example:
  4. Insert your name and email and click “Register and Pay”
  5. PayPal will open up. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can “checkout as a guest” and use a credit card (no debit card allowed as a guest.) If you have a Paypal account, you can use whatever method of payment you have hooked up in your Paypal account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Barton offer individual tutoring sessions? At this point, Barton only offers group tutoring sessions. Barton keeps a full schedule of counseling his clients, supervising counseling interns in the state of Florida, working as an expert partner with, and preparing workshops for students studying for their exams. He receives many requests for tutoring, and wants to help as many students as he can prepare for their NCMHCE exam.

How many people are allowed in the small group for a session? We do not have a cap at this time, and groups can get quite large. Barton handles the large size by asking everyone to mute and asking them to raise their hand when they want to ask a question, and then when he calls on them they unmute to ask. Barton makes a considerable effort to ensure that every attendee’s questions are answered during the tutoring session. This often means that sessions run longer than the scheduled two hours.

Do I need to sign up with other people for Barton to offer a tutoring session? No, you may register individually for any session available on the website for tutoring. If you are the only one that registers and signs up, then you get Barton all to yourself for the full 2 hours!

I can’t make these times work in my schedule. Will Barton offer any other session times? Yes, Barton will occasionally offer other sessions as time permits. (If there is a large demand for a particular time or day of the week, we would love to know about it so that we can better serve you. Please email Nicole at and we will do our best to accommodate you.)

I have an existing study group, and we would like to set an alternate time with Barton for a Small Group Tutoring Session. Is that possible to arrange? Yes, Barton is open to this option. Please email Nicole at and we will do our best to accommodate you.

I need help with particular topics or simulations that I struggled with. What should I do? When you register for a tutoring session, please write your needs in the available comment box, and Barton will do his best to address it during your session. You may also speak directly with Barton via your audio and video chat to ask your questions.

In addition, don’t forget that we offer numerous live workshops that you can register for that detail out particular topics — like the DSM-5, NCMHCE Prep, Simulations, and more!

Upcoming Live Events

Barton J. Bott, LMHC, NCC, ICGC-II