What’s the NCMHCE Sims workshop like?

I interviewed Barton to find out what his NEWEST workshop looks like, and how it could benefit you when studying for the NCMHCE Exam. Check out the short video above for Barton’s overview.


  • Barton Bott will go through at least three complete simulations on CounselingExam.com
  • Barton will focus on the Decision Making aspect of the NCMHCE exam
  • Learn how to dissect the information provided in making those difficult Decision Making options and see your DM scores go up
  • Assess every answer option and understand why it is or is not an appropriate selection
  • Take a short quiz after each simulation
  • Ask questions of Barton after each simulation to clarify any confusion
  • Review common pitfalls of test takers
  • Learn tips about Diagnostic Criteria, Diagnostic Considerations, etc
  • Increase your confidence in your test taking skills

The NCMHCE Sims workshop is coming up THIS weekend!

When: Saturday, October 24, from 11AM to 3PM in EASTERN time.

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