Get it Done in ’21 Program


A 6-week Intensive Program to Pass the NCMHCE exam

Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to pass the NCMHCE exam in its current format.

Barton Bott is offering a special 6-week intensive program for students and clinicians who are seeking to pass the NCMHCE exam prior to the exam format change (click to view the new outline provided by the NBCC) in 2022.
Barton J. Bott, LMHC, NCC, ICGC-II

The NCMHCE format will be changing and a completely new exam will begin to get administered in 2022.  Regrettably, however, the NBCC has only released the new exam content and format in the most basic of terms and detail, leaving the prospective candidate in the dark as to how they should prepare for the exam. (Reference what the NBCC has provided by clicking here.) So all this considered, what does this mean for the counseling intern still needing to take this exam? Well, very simply, if the exam is not successfully taken and passed in the remaining months of 2021, it will likely be no sooner than a year from now that any candidate could reasonably expect to successfully take and pass the new exam – which means licensing will take even longer. I highly recommend doubling down and focusing on passing the NCMHCE exam prior to its format change. Get it Done in ’21!

What’s included in this Program?

6 Live Workshops

No matter which package you select, every member of this program will have access to the live AND on-demand recording of these workshops at a minimum:

  • 3-hour NCMHCE Prep – view agenda
  • 6-hour Decision Making – view agenda
  • DSM-5 Deep Dive 20 hour course Part 1 – view agenda
  • DSM-5 Deep Dive 20 hour course Part 2
  • (DSM-5 Deep Dive 20 hour course Part 3 provided as multiple on-demand recordings)
  • 4-hour Sims workshop – (brand new!)
  • Full Exam Review of 10 Sims – (brand new!)

Some packages also include additional workshops available as on-demand recordings. You will have on-demand recording access to your package workshops for a minimum of 60 days so that you may watch and rewatch as desired.

Weekly Tutoring

Work directly with expert Barton Bott to address questions and topics that have caused confusion and difficulties. Work with others in this program and build relationships with your peers, who you will see multiple times a week throughout the program.

Depending on the package you select, you are guaranteed to have at least one group tutoring session weekly with Barton over the course of 6 weeks.

Choose from three options for tutoring:

  • Sundays from 4-6 pm EST
  • Tuesdays from 7-9 pm EST
  • Thursdays from 7-9 pm EST

Bonus Content

Barton will be providing regular never before seen content to address topics like:

  • So you failed the NCMHCE? Here’s what you need to know to pass.
  • How to handle crippling test anxiety.
  • Common misconceptions and confusion surrounding language in the NCMHCE exam.

This bonus content is exclusive to the Get it Done in ’21 Program participants.

What are the requirements for this program?

  • We require your focus, your commitment, and most importantly, your honest effort to try your best. This is an intensive 6-week program, and our schedule reflects that. We understand that some weeks you may have prior commitments, but we request that you do your best to limit absences from live events and commit to this 6-week period.
  • Attend the live workshops on Saturdays, or commit to watching the on-demand recording the week it is provided if you are unable to attend live. Click to view dates for the 6-week cycles.
  • Attend as many group tutoring sessions as you can out of the 6 or 12 included in your program package. Click to view dates for the 6-week cycles.
  • A current subscription (for the purposes of practicing simulations and providing Barton with your test results). Upon signup for the program, we will provide you with a 20% off code for a subscription on You can use this to purchase a new subscription or lengthen your existing subscription at a discount. We can also provide a 15% off code for any other product on
  • Practice with 2 or 3 full sims on a day on average, minimum 10 per week
  • 1 full exam on per week, results to be shared with Barton

Get it Done in ’21 Program Package Pricing

3 program packages starting at $900 for at least 50 hours worth of workshops and tutoring with NCMHCE expert, Barton Bott. You’ll save up to 40% on workshops and tutoring sessions by enrolling in this program, with our GUARANTEE (see below).

***If you have paid for all or some of the workshops previously, our team will work with you to provide a custom discount depending on the program package you are interested in.

Our Guarantee for the Get it Done in ’21 program:

In the event you have difficulty passing the NCMHCE exam after completing our 6-week intensive program, we will allow you to take this 6-week course again in the next cycle at the package rate you selected free of charge, and if you would like to upgrade to a different package, we will only charge you the difference in price.

HELP! I’ve taken many of these workshops before but I want to participate in this 6-week program!! Do I need to pay again for things I’ve already paid for?

No, if you have paid for all or some of the workshops previously, our team will work with you to provide a custom discount depending on the program package you are interested in. Simply fill out this form, and we will get back to you within the work week:

Is this Get it Done in ’21 program the only option available to take Barton’s workshops?

No, absolutely not! We offer individual pricing for live workshops, live group tutoring sessions, and on-demand recordings for purchase. You can purchase workshops a la carte and group tutoring individually or with custom bundling and discounts. We constantly offer special discounts, some that are always available, and some that are only available to our email subscribers when we run sales! (Join our email list for discount alerts!) The Get it Done in ’21 program is a special package that allows students to bundle together multiple workshops and tutoring sessions in an intensive 6-week program.

I am happy to report that I tested on 6/11/2021 and I PASSED. Sadly I had taken the exam 3 times and I failed 3 times. When I was disillusioned, I emailed Bart. Bart really did a phenomenal job breaking down the information about how to formulate a clinical impression and render a diagnosis. Bart also related his teachings to the simulations on I would recommend to anyone taking the exam to take advantage of any opportunity to take sessions from Bart. Bart, you are the BEST!

Mariline N.

Don’t delay your licensing any longer. Get it Done in ’21!