Special Offer – Free Bonus Video

Barton is offering his DSM-5 workshop in 3 parts this month. There is so much content to be covered in our 10 hours of workshops. It is impossible to cover the whole DSM-5 and teach our students everything they need to know to prepare for their exam. So we have focused it down to the most common diagnoses to set you up for success.

The Focus of the 3-part DSM-5 Workshop Series

Barton will give you an in-depth look into some of the most common DSM-5 diagnoses you need to know, focusing on specific diagnostic categories and providing case studies.

So what about the other commonly reported diagnoses? Will Barton cover those in these 10 hours?

There is not enough time, so instead we’re offering FREE BONUS CONTENT to everyone who registers for all 3 of these DSM-5 workshops!

Special Offer: For those who register for all 3 of the DSM-5 workshops, not only do you receive a $50 discount, but he is going to offer a FREE bonus video to you after the conclusion of the workshops!

The bonus video will cover these topics:

  • Developmental D/O’s
  • Gender Dysphoria
  • Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Paraphilic Disorders
  • Substance Disorders
  • V-Codes

And yes, if you already registered for all 3 of our DSM-5 workshops, you already qualify for this offer!