The Final Countdown Program Custom Price Adjustment Request
If you have paid for all or some of the workshops previously, our team will work with you to provide a custom discount depending on the program package you are interested in and the workshops you have paid for previously. Simply fill out this form, and we will get back to you within the work week. Please note, filling out this form is the first step -- our team will contact you via email to offer you a custom discount. If you approve, we can send you an invoice and upon payment, get you all set up for The Final Countdown Program!
We are happy to provide a partial payment plan option for you. The 25% down deposit is due PRIOR to you officially joining the program. If we do not receive your 25% down payment, you will not receive an invitation to join our first workshop on Saturday, June 18. 50% of your package must be paid by the end of the program cycle. The remaining amount can be paid in increments until your due date (90 days out from the invoice creation). If you are not making regular payments, we reserve the right to restrict any and all access to previously acquired and upcoming materials.
Barton Bott recommends a subscription so that you may participate in the daily homework requirements. Upon signup for The Final Countdown program, we will provide you with a discount code for a subscription on