Accessibility Options

Barton and Nicole are committed to providing accessible workshops for clinicians and students studying for the NCMHCE exam. Whether or not you have any kind of disability, we believe that offering these services is beneficial to all. Many of our workshop attendees have told us that having closed captioning is necessary or extremely helpful for their learning.

If there is a way we can make our services better for you or more accessible, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For the Hard of Hearing

Every workshop and tutoring session has Closed Captioning Subtitles in English enabled and available. Each participant can choose to display subtitles and adjust the settings available in Zoom. Here’s how to enable Closed Captioning for the workshop. Please click the header title to display the instructions, or view the article on Zoom support.

Every workshop and tutoring session also has the Full Transcript of the session available any time. You can use this transcript to refer to things Barton has referenced throughout the workshop and double check your notes. If you need this Transcript available after the workshop, you may Save it to your machine prior to the workshop ending. If you cannot find this option, please email and she will be happy to send it to you after the workshop.

Closed Captioning Subtitles in English

Enabling Closed Captioning for Desktop Client on Zoom
  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. Join a meeting or webinar.
  3. When closed captioning begins, you will see a notification above Closed Caption in the meeting controls.
  4. Click Closed Caption to start viewing closed captioning. Select “Show Subtitle” to display subtitles on the screen.
  5. Tip: Click and drag the closed captioning to move its position in the meeting window.
  6. If the Closed Caption Subtitles are distracting to you, you can click the CC button and select “Hide Subtitle.”
A picture showing the Live Transcript key
How to Adjust Caption Size with Subtitle Settings
  1. Click the upward arrow next to Start Video / Stop Video. 
  2. Click Video Settings then Accessibility.
  3. Move the slider to adjust the caption size. 
Enabling Closed Captioning for Mobile App on Zoom
  1. Sign in to the Zoom mobile app.
  2. Tap the Settings icon.
  3. Tap Meeting.
  4. Toggle Closed Captioning to on. 
    When you are in a meeting where closed captioning is available, they will automatically appear on the bottom of the screen. 

Live Transcript in English

Enable Live Transcript for Desktop Client on Zoom
  1. Click the CC button (Closed Captioning) to choose a transcript option. 
    A picture showing the Live Transcript key
    Show Subtitles displays subtitles on the screen.
    View Full Transcript displays subtitles in real time with both the speaker’s name and a time-stamp within the transcript window.
    Subtitle Settings will open a window where you can adjust the font size of both the subtitles and the chat window.
  2. Click View Full Transcript to view subtitle and speaker. 
  3. Host and attendees can search the transcript by entering text into the Search transcript field at the top of the window.
  4. If you would like a copy of the transcript, click View Full Transcript and Save Transcript. A copy of the transcript will be downloaded to your machine. Note: The transcript saves up to the moment of clicking Save Transcript. We recommend you click Save Transcript just before the meeting ends to ensure you have the transcript from the entire meeting. Also note that this option may not be available if the host has disabled this feature. 

For the Vision Impaired

While we provide all Bonus Documents and resources as PDFs so that they are formatted and easily printable, we are happy to provide editable documents upon request. With these editable documents, you can use a screen reader, or you may format the documents on your machine to make the text size larger. We have certain documents available in Large Font Format to help those who are not technically confident enough to format documents themselves.

If you need these options available, please do not hesitate to contact Nicole at