Technical Tips for Zoom

Before the Workshop or Tutoring Session

  1. We recommend you download the Zoom application on your preferred device for the best experience possible.
  2. If you registered for a session and you do not have your personalized Zoom URL within a few days of the event, please email Without this Zoom URL, you will not be able to join us.

Joining the Workshop Day-of without Issues

  1. Make sure your internet and wifi connection is strong (we don’t recommend you use a public wifi, like at a coffee shop)
  2. Close out all programs and browsers on your device that are not necessary for the workshop.
  3. Make sure you’re logged into the Zoom app with whatever email you used to register. If you are auto-logged in with your work email but registered with your personal email, that can cause issues!
  4. If you can’t hear Barton, remain on your computer so that you can see his shared screen and video. But use the phone number Zoom provided in your personalized Zoom URL invite for audio access on a cell phone or landline.
  5. Take advantage of our Accessibility options like Closed Captioning and our Live Full Transcript. Learn how here.

Additional Notes on Audio & Video Access

Workshop attendees

If you join the webinar as a Panelist, you will be asked by Zoom to rejoin as an AttendeeThis is a normal and expected part of our process. Your audio and video will automatically be turned OFF as a panelist. It is not necessary for YOUR audio or camera to be functioning for you to participate in the workshop. As long as you can see Barton and Nicole, see Barton’s shared screen, and hear us, you are all set! There is a chat feature and a Q&A section for you to communicate with your questions, which will be addressed.

Tutoring attendees

If you join the webinar as an Attendee, you should be promoted to a Panelist. This will enable you to optionally turn on your web cam and your audio capabilities so that you can communicate directly with Barton to ask questions.