Barton J. Bott


I have been a licensed counselor for over 20 years. I regularly tutor students studying for the NCMHCE Exam and offer webinar workshops about exam and mental health topics.

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Real Students, Real Testimonials

These are real testimonials from some of my students whom I have had the pleasure of teaching via workshops and tutoring sessions over the years.

Workshop and Small Group Tutoring Testimonials

Jacques D.

I would advise anyone taking the NCMHCE to take Barton’s tutoring session, especially the Decision Making one [6-hour Decision Making workshop]. Just follow Bart’s rules and not guessing was my success. I could not do it with his help, thanks for all your help.

Anna M.

I just wanted to share the great news that I passed the exam. I want to thank you so much because of your excellent classes, especially the [DSM-5] Deep Dive, I got so much better at the SIMS and scores. You made the information comprehensible and fun with the true life stories you provided. It was like I was learning in more ways than one. Bart, I really appreciate your patience with us, your style and calm yet razor sharp knowledge that helped a person like me pass. I also enjoyed things like your screen saver that looked like a cross. These were encouragers that spoke to me and I needed. I think your classes and tutoring is the best, because you show you care. It is not just a job, so thank you both! It was a tough exam. I got a very odd version but thanks to taking all of your classes and studying harder than ever, we did it. Nicole, thank you for always being so cheery, upbeat and on top of your game with emails and facilitating questions. You also made it fun. I am telling everyone to take your classes as you are worth every penny. I really enjoyed the recorded ones because I could rewind and listen again on parts I missed. I am so relieved and happy I can catch up now and not study for a while! I wanted to share my good news with you so you can see the fruits of your labor. God bless and thank you for all you do. That exam is a beast!

Noora B.

I highly recommend the workshops provided by Barton Bott and Nicole Davis. I have passed my exam on 4/28 after studying using the tools provided. It has been a game changer in test taking.  I am forever grateful. Thank you so much! 

Theresa L.

I wanted to take a quick moment to say THANK YOU!!! for your support and assistance over the last few months with workshops, tutoring sessions (that I thought I wouldn’t do), and other amenities such as on-demand options, the [discount] offers, closed caption, etc, and just being super nice and helpful. I’m excited to share that I PASSED my exam today – Thursday, 4/15!!!

Gillian S.

When I decided to take the LPCC exam, I needed a Hail  Mary to pass. I had a full work schedule, full home life and absolutely no time to study. Attending Barton Bott’s classes was an investment that gave me the outcome I hoped for. I passed on my first attempt. Grateful to Nicole for all her assistance and quick responses. Highly recommend these courses.

Virginia S.

I took my NCMHCE last week and I passed! Bart, thank you for all the material you covered in your workshops, for delving into the content, offering strategy and thoughtfully answering all questions. I heard your voice many times during the exam, for example, “focus on what is being asked.”

Nicole, thank you for organizing and orchestrating the study workshops–and for letting me sign up at the last minute! You both helped me to structure my studying and understand the material and how to approach the test.

Tisha M.

I passed the exam yesterday, which is really due in part to all of the workshops I attended. Decision Making, 2 Sim workshops and 3 study groups [interactive small group tutoring sessions]. I would not have been prepared without these.

Peri F.

Grace is an underserved gift that is impossible to pay back. That is exactly what Barton gave me: his help, support, and genuine care were nothing but grace and I cannot thank him enough!!!!

Every time I attended a workshop or a tutoring session, I gained information and understanding that I didn’t even know I was missing.  In addition, Barton modeled how a true caring counselor counsels others in a way that is truth-filled and encouraging.  I didn’t just learn all that I needed to pass the exam, I also learned from Barton so much more that will help me as a clinician and as a person! So, the words “thank you” seem too feeble and too understated to represent my genuine gratitude and thanksgiving for what Barton offered through his workshops and tutoring sessions!!! As I sat to praise God for giving me the miracle of passing, thanking Him for Barton and his work was at the top of my list!!!

It is such an honor to be in the same profession as you Barton because you are truly one of a kind counselor and educator!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Thank you Nicole for all the “behind the scenes” work you do for the workshops and tutoring sessions! Your support during the workshops was extremely helpful and made it so easy to ask questions and get them answered.  You also have made it SO easy for someone technologically challenged like me to access all needed information.  I consider your support and hard work to be part of the reason for God gifting me a passing score! THANK YOU!!!!!

Darlene H.

Barton was truly instrumental in the successful passing of the NCMHCE on my second attempt. Initially, I had taken his workshops as an additional resource and did not apply his “Barton’s Rules.” After failing the NCMHCE by one point, I had to eat some humble pie and ground myself. Grateful for Nicole and the On-Demand recordings, I was able to watch Barton’s [3-hour NCMHCE Prep] Preparation Workshop and pick up a few more tips I missed with the live workshop. My scores on counselingexam.com remained consistently high and my confidence in passing the NCMHCE was unwavering. I included a few [small group interactive tutoring] group sessions with Barton for good measure. On test day, I just relaxed and waited for my afternoon exam. I took my time, heard Barton’s voice, when I picked an incorrect answer (What you go pick that for?), settled in my seat and focused on the information in front of me. Walking out of the test center with a pass felt amazing. I want to thank Barton and Nicole for their dedication to providing us the tools we need to succeed. BARTON YOU RULE!!!!

Michelle L.

I wanted to let you know I passed the NCMHCE this morning. I paid for a LOT of practice resources and the seminar [3-hour NCMHCE Prep workshop] was by far the most effective thing I used! I have recommended the program to another intern and will continue to do so in the future. I wish I had found the resource earlier and didn’t waste money on the other sites! Thank you!

Mary T.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. I just passed the exam. I wouldn’t have made it at all without the services I purchased from you. I was so discouraged and would have never had the courage to go in today if I hadn’t listened to all of the [on-demand] recordings.

Ashley M.

I am licensed as an LPC in Texas and was not thrilled about having to take the NCMHCE after moving to Jacksonville, FL. However, the prep course, decision making course, and the DSM deep dive were extremely helpful. I didn’t exactly have simulations that were fitted to my scope of practice so I’m very grateful to have learned all I did from these courses. Highly recommended to anyone needing to pass!

Beulah B.

Just wanted you to know that I passed the NMHCE on 3/2/21.  It took me awhile to calm down about it.  I am waiting for my official LPC license from the board.  I could not have done it without you.  Your training was so influential that I could hear your voices while I continued to study.  I had so much to study that I did not have time to sign up for another course or tutoring session.  I will continue to study to fine tune.  Even though it was a mountain to study, going through it all will be to my benefit.

I really appreciate your Expertise, Time, Patience, and Thoughtful Concerns.  GOD bless you both!  I will recommend both of you any day.

Mike S.

I took my test and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I passed on my first try. I know your direction in my studying made the difference. There were several times in the test where I started clicking out of control and just kept hearing Barton’s voice in my head telling me to stop. I got 89% in IG, but only 74% in DM due to my anxiety provoked clicking. My test needed 66% in IG and 72% in DM to pass.

Mystri H.

Where do I submit my review!!!! Because I just PASSED!!!

Thank you for your workshops I can’t tell you how much they helped in preparing me for this test!!!

Molly M.

I wanted to share that I passed my NCMHCE test this past Thursday! I attended the decision making workshop a few weeks back and wanted to thank you for the highly useful information. I had done over a hundred practice simulations on counselingexam.com and kept falling slightly short on the DM section. I am SO grateful for the helpful tips given in the decision making course, as I feel like it gave me the extra little push I needed to pass. Just wanted to share and say “thank you” so, SO very much!

Kimberly F.

These NCMHCE workshops were incredibly helpful in making studying for the exam much more streamlined, highlighting the main points of what information you really need to know about passing the exam. It helped a lot with time management for studying to know exactly what to focus on so that I could study and get the information I needed in an efficient and time-friendly manner, leaving me more time to have to also focus on my other life responsibilities and recreation and leisure time. It simplified information that might otherwise be more confusing. The workshop speakers were helpful in answering questions. They also gave invaluable advice about how to approach taking the exam. I thank them greatly. I highly recommend that you take the workshops. It will save you a lot of time and angst in the long run.

Linda G.

Barton Bott’s workshops, small group tutoring sessions enabled me to prepare for the NCMHCE. As a seasoned therapist I thought I could easily pass the test. Bart informed me early on that to pass the test I needed to learn how to take the test relying on theory over experience. I gained knowledge, confidence and experience from his workshops and handouts. Bart is a highly experienced clinician and teacher and provides excellent presentations and helpful resource materials. He cares about students and wants us to be successful. Barts programs complement the Counselingexam.com site. I am happy to report I passed the exam on my first try and felt Bart’s presence throughout the test as I deliberated over answers hearing him say, “answer the question based on the case and information provided” and  “Don’t select answers you are not sure about” in my mind. I would highly recommend Barton Bott!

Courtney B.

I highly recommend Barton’s workshops. The first month that I studied, I just used CounselingExam.com. My scores weren’t horrible, but they were not where I wanted them. I signed up for the following workshops; [3-hour NCMHCE ] Test Prep, DSM-5 series and Simulation workshop. I truly believe those workshops made a difference in my scores. I studied based on the knowledge that I learned from Barton along with CounselingExam.com. Both of those resources made a world of difference in my studying. Not only did it help me for the test, but it helped me as a therapist gain more knowledge. Nicole was great in answering any questions that I had and getting back to me. They also send resources and bonus resources based on the workshops. I suffer from test anxiety, pretty bad! However, this helped calm my nerves a tad and helped me feel confident going into the exam! I can’t thank Barton and Nicole enough for all of the help and knowledge they provided me!!

Erica S.

Barton is a calming force of knowledge that helped me conceptualize concepts that I was struggling to understand. His resources and background knowledge helped me to better understand what the NCMHCE test was looking for. I could not have done it without his help. I highly recommend contacting him to help you become successful! He not only gave me the confidence I needed, but helped me narrow down important areas to focus on. 

Tutoring and Supervising Testimonials

Mary Darden
Hampton, VA

“Mr. Barton’s supportive services were incredibly useful and assisted me with passing the test.  He has a soft, compassionate, professional, supportive fashion in which he utilizes to awaken a sense of confidence in his students which support success.  Additionally, he works with each student on an individual basis.  Mr. Barton assessed the challenges that I faced with testing and encouraged me to guide my thoughts to assist with selection of eliminating incorrect selections and selecting correctly.  Thereafter he practiced with me until I was ready to take on this difficult task and accomplish it.  Mr. Barton’s approach, flexibility, understanding and reasonable/affordable prices made selecting him as my tutor a no brainer.  In fact, it was one of the best investments that I made in myself.  Mr. Barton is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Annette Vetter
Everett, WA

“Barton is priceless.  He is more than a tutor, but a lifelong friend.  He takes time to break down the questions. Which seems like an easy task, but it’s going over mistake after mistake in each quiz I took for 3 months! He was able to break down gaps in my thinking and figuring out personalized strategies to get me over the different types of questions with patience and compassion.  But it’s not all talk.  He gives you specific tools and handouts to study. Each week I would see an improvement. He has a special place in my heart.  He really cared about how I was doing and made the test feel possible despite my overthinking and anxiety. I started to doubt myself, question my path, and question all the hard work I had put into my schooling and training. With each failure, I would snowball. He made this career path feel possible and put the test in perspective.  I was able to walk into that test room with a positive mindset.  Your mindset is powerful especially after month after month of barley passing and failing. My testing experience was chaotic as well.  There was a glitch in my test that didn’t unclick questions I had selected.  I had an extra hour of testing talking with IT. However, they couldn’t do anything while I was testing so, half of my test had incorrect answers due to this glitch. I didn’t have time to start from the beginning so, I made the choice to plow ahead.  But I had the focus, diligence, and positivity because I could hear him talk me through each question.  It can feel like a faraway dream of passing the actual test… let alone the dream of having a private practice.  I am proud to say I passed my test the first time (glitch and all), opened my practice this year, and I am booked out.  There is no way I could have completed this without him. I hope I can give back to the next generation of therapists the way he has generosity given to me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Barton.  I think of you often and wish you all the best.”

Jeralyn Tharp M. Ed LPCC-LICDC
Cleveland, Ohio

“I failed the NCMHE, despite the fact I had been a therapist and licensed in another state for over 15yrs. After taking the program online I received information about tutoring, I then decided to try tutoring with Barton Bott. Barton was kind, attentive and taught me how to think in the exact way of the test as well as to trust my inner thoughts and answers. I cannot thank him enough for his help. I retested last spring and passed with flying colors.”

David C. Martin, M.A., Resident in Counseling
Owner, Beyond Sober LLC
Lynchburg, VA

“Mr. Bott’s help offered me an opportunity to view the exam from a different perspective. After three unsuccessful attempts, I solicited Barton’s tutoring sessions and immediately passed. Thanks Mr. Bott!”

Sherry Faidley LPC
Abingdon, Virginia

“I gained so much knowledge from Barton over the five months or so that we studied together for my LPC exam. He was so supportive through the whole process. The aspect that was most helpful was Barton emailing me copies of different topics in which I could print off and study in more detail, such as Group Dynamics or MSE information. Thank you so much!”

Kimberly Green
Hampton, VA

“I recently passed my NCMHCE exam in May 2018 and I know I passed my exam in part due to Bart and his expertise.  Bart was very instrumental in me passing my exam because of the preparation.   The preparation allowed me to feel confident and secure in my abilities to pass the exam.  In doing so, he taught me how to pass the exam and what to do in the event I got nervous.  

I not only passed my LPC exam, I am now working as an LPC.  This is truly one of my greatest accomplishments.  

Thank you Bart you have truly been a Godsend and I thank God for you!!!!!”

Trish Dennis LPC
Weedsport, NY

“I have had the pleasure of working with Barton Bott who assisted me for 3 months in passing my NCMHCE exam. Prior to working with Barton I had spent an abundance of money on an array of workshops in my local area and other online preparation trainings.  Unfortunately, these workshops and trainings did not give me the insight and knowledge I needed to pass this exam my first time around. Therefore, after purchasing counseling exam I connected with Barton.

I have to say that Barton is so committed to seeing that his students gain the depth and understanding of how to take and pass this exam.  Barton went above and beyond his time to make sure that my comfort level was spot on going into this exam. This approach greatly reduced my testing anxiety that I grappled with the first time around.  Barton was able to share his years of experience which in turn only set me up for success in learning the criteria for each and every underlying mental health disorder. 

My time spent with Barton had been so value added to not only passing my licensing examination but also becoming a successful private practice therapist.

The valuable information I had learned from Barton has been such a huge pay off in my everyday work with my own clients.

Barton Bott is a true compassionate and genuine man with a wealth of knowledge in our mental health field.  I will never forget the time, energy and dedication this gentleman has given to me. I am forever grateful!”

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